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Areca Leaf Plate Manufacturer

Discover the product that is natural, eco friendly, sustainable, biodegradable, durable and more with unique design

We are Certified

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Udyam Registration Certificate


Udyam Registration Certificate


GST Registration-fayola-industries


GST Registration-fayola-industries


GST Registration-fayola-industries

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation-fayola-industries

Interesting facts of Eco Areca Leaf

Areca leaf plates are more durable than leaf plates made of wood, paper or plastic. Also, Areca leaves are natural and organic products.

Areca leaf dinnerware - natural dinnerware and microwavable

Areca leaf plates are made of 100% natural Areca palm leaf with food grade ink.

They come in a variety of sizes and have a unqiue design

The Areca leaf plates are environmentally friendly and an eco-friendly kitchen accessory.

Areca leaf plates are made of Arecanut leaves

Areca leaf dishes are labor powered by skilled women artisans in India. The Areca plant is native to India and Sri Lanka.

They are safe to use and have no spill or leakage.

Our Mission

Protect as many square meters as we can with our plates. To be an ethical, conventional yet innovative global leader by providing 100% natural disposable dinnerware made from the sheaths of areca palm tree.

100% Natural

Did you know?

Areca Plates can be used in any occasion like parties, buffets, picnics, outdoor catering, functions, food-joint, etc.

Most importantly, these plates act as the best alternative for plastics 

Vision of Eco Areca Leaf

We cannot change society, but the products we use."

we want to contribute to making the world a better place for future generations and also bringing awareness in the global market by creating a universal sustainable business process, which inspires, promotes and supports "GREEN Environment."

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